My Unicorn Secret in 3 parts

Hello to all my readers! Would you like to know why I chose such a title for that page? This morning, I decided to erase the “About Me” page, since I was not very satisfied with its containing.


For those who are fans of the Adventures of Tintin, maybe you have read one of his albums entitled “The Secret of the Unicorn”? According to the story, Tintin, with the help of his friend, the Captain Haddock, tries to solve a mysterious code, which was divided into 3 parchments, that they will retrieve in the mat of 3 ship models. Each of those ship models represents a reproduction of a vessel, the Unicorn, which belongs to one of Captain Haddock’s ancestors, the Knight Francois de Hadoque, and these parchments represent the famous secret of the Unicorn, which will guide our friends to find a treasure lost in the oceans, thanks to the latitude and longitude that are indicated in the parchments. The indications found on the parchments will bring the friends to a desert island, where the Knight Francois de Hadoque was living, after he destroyed his own vessel which was occupied by the pirates and their chef, Red Rackham, with on its board an inestimable treasure which Red Rackham and his men carried on the Unicorn, after their pirate boat was destroyed by Francois de Hadoque and his men. Unfortunately, after days of deep researches on the island and on the ocean, though they found some samples of the shipwreck of the Unicorn under the sea, the anchor of the Unicorn and a statue of Francois de Hadoque on the island, the treasure was not found and they had to go back to Belgium. But the Professor Calculus, who was together with them during the trip, tried to re-assemble several pieces of parchments that were found in a little box, and which represented a testament that Francois de Hadoque devised to his descendants, among them his castle of Moulinsart. As the only descendant of Francois de Hadoque, it’s the Captain Haddock who will become the only heir of the castle. While visiting the castle, Tintin accidentally presses on a button hidden in a terrestrial globe that both friends will discover by hazard behind a painting at the feet of a statue, and at their big surprise and enchantment, they retrieve the treasure there! Tintin then concludes that there was no need to sail so many miles, since Francois de Hadoque brought the treasure with him before destroying the ship. What will help Tintin guessing about the existence of that globe is the fact that the statue, which represents St John the Evangelist, has a cross in his hand, and may perhaps have an eagle too. When they remove the painting, they effectively retrieve the eagle near St John the Evangelist’s feet and the famous terrestrial globe which hides the treasure they have been looking for after such a long trip.

shanta rishyashringa sister of rama

Why did I choose to summarize the adventures of Tintin? When I analyse my own life according to this cartoon, there are lots of codes which match with my own life. The three parchments represent three pieces of my life that I cannot express in my daily life and which are part of my secret universe. Ekasringa is NOT my real name but a nickname, which I found while I was doing some researches on the unicorn, a legendary animal which always fascinated me since I was a child. I came to know about the legend of Ekasringa, also known as Rishyashringa, a Hindu sage who lived in the mountains out of the civilisation with his father, and who was born with a sort of bump on the forehead, which looked like a unicorn horn as he was the fruit of the union between his father, a sage human, and a divine antelope in the forest they were living in. You can retrieve the full story of Sage Rishyasringa through this article, and you will discover how, from an isolated man living in the forest with his father, he fell in love with a courtesan who came to fetch him, since the king Romapada of the kingdom of Anga, where she comes from, wanted Rishyashringa to save the kingdom from draught and famine, and in exchange would marry Shantha, the King’s best friend King Dasaratha’s only child and daughter, since King Dasaratha had three wives but none of them could infant to give him a heir. Rishyashringa’s father got angry since he was deeply hurt by the fact that his wife, the danseuse Urvashi, who was sent by God Indra from the Heavens to accomplish a mission with that sage and give him a special son with unique powers, gave him up after the birth of Rishyashringa, and he couldn’t bear anymore the presence of women. But Rishyashringa was perfectly happy with his wife Shantha, and the King Romapada’s kingdom was always flourishing thanks to him. But Rishyashrsinga had another mission to complete, since he had the power to help the King Dasaratha to have a heir, since his only daughter became Rishyashringa’s wife. Rishyashringa accepted the mission and performed a special prayer together with King Dasaratha and his three wives. His prayers became successful, since the three wives could give all together four heirs to the King Dasaratha, among them Lord Rama and Lakshmana, the heroes of the Ramayana Tale.


The Unicorn is a legendary animal, which is unique, as per its name, and which lives away from all civilizations as it’s a rare animal. Very few people can reach the unicorn, and only the pure souls can approach them. According to this article, unicorns are considered in some western ancient cultures as a symbol of sexuality, at the image of the young pure virgin lady offering her breasts to a unicorn with whom she had sex with the legendary animal, which contrasts another kind of Arthurian romance, “The Knight of the Parrot”, featuring a female unicorn feeding a baby human with her milk, turning the baby into a powerful giant. This legend again represents the symbol of fertility, abundance and sexuality shown with the story of Rishyashringa, who had the power to bring back fertility to the Kingdom of Anga, and to help the King Dasaratha to have heirs, since his three wives were infertile. The Kings Romanada and Dasaratha were pure hearted, wise and honest kings, alike their friendship and their children, and that was certainly why the sage Rishyashringa accepted to help them.


Within the same context, let’s go back to the Tintin adventure in Red Rackam’s treasure hunt. Tintin and his friends are all known to be pure hearted, honest and hardworking men, and maybe the Knight Francois de Hadoque also had a real sense of purity within him as a devoted Vessel Captain. Captain Haddock and his friends struggled a lot to retrieve this famous treasure, but their perseverance and researches brought its fruits, especially since they retrieved under the oceans the statue of the unicorn which was part of the vessel. Who knows if that famous unicorn brought them luck, since after their comeback, Professor Calculus showed them the re-assembled parchments they found in a box under water, as a testament left by Francois de Hadoque featuring the Castle of Moulinsart, and unexpectedly too, the famous treasure they have been looking for?


The unicorn is something unique, which hides within every human being. Unfortunately, humans always tend to copy others instead of building their own personalities. I won’t come on all the details of my past, but all I can tell you is that when I analyse my own life, it reminds me of the same curse that Rishyashringa obtained from his father after Rishyashringa disobeyed his father and followed the courtesan, then fell in love with the King Dasaratha’s daughter Shantha and showed his miracles in both kingdoms. This is exactly the same problem that I got with my family, since I was raised like a golden child by a very manipulative and narcissistic mother and a totally mentally absent father who completely abide under my mother’s narcissistic rules. I was described as a very intelligent child, but my intelligent was unfortunately destroyed by my mother, who perhaps wanted to keep me always as her capture, instead of letting me following my dreams and becoming someone in the future. I succeeded into escaping from the insane hold, not unfortunately without any severe injuries mentally, emotionally and psychologically, from which I am slowly, but surely recovering thanks to my husband’s love and help and the presence of my young son, who is the only child I could infant after a lot of difficulties, since our hopes for becoming parents were slowly fading away as my parents sought revenge to take me back with them and to leave my husband forever, but without any success. The only essence which still gives me hope to become someone someday is the only strength I brought with me when I escaped from my parents’ miseducation and which never gave me up though I stopped putting it in practice for years due to circumstances linked with education, family, social and marriage problems: My passion for literature and creative writing.

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The three parchments that Tintin and Haddock have in their possession to retrieve the secret of the Unicorn represent three themes on which most of my writings are based on, independently from all the blog posts, short stories, books, book synopsis and book reviews that I will write on my main menu and in other independent sub-blogs that I created, and which treat of numerous miscellaneous subjects of all sorts.  The three parchments  represent three aspects of my personal universe:

The first one is about the LGBT community, since I am myself Bisexual, and wherever I will raise my voice against Homophobia, Misogyny, Misandry, Homicide and Femicide; a special tribute will also be given to the character of Tintin, unfortunately described as an Old Boy since he never felt any attraction for any women. Some bad comments even described his creator Herge as a Misogynous person, and so many readers were deceived at the end of the Alph-Art album, where Tintin remained without reaction at the moment when a young female secretary, Martine Vandezande, proposed him to have dinner at her place, since she wanted to introduce him her parents. Some bloggers then took a great initiative to imagine and draw a love story between them by keeping the same sauce of adventures which is so familiar to the universe of the young reporter, whereas a few other bloggers are actually trying to write stories about the both of them together.

The second one turns around the Blue Color. The blue color always dominated my life as it was my favorite one of all time, especially during my childhood and my teenage hood. It’s a color which has so many beautiful, but also so many painful meanings. One of the most painful meanings, for which I would like to create that sub-blog concerns an awareness about a mental disorder, for which unfortunately, my son suffers and has been diagnosed from: Autism Spectrum Disorder. I also came to discover that Blue was also referred to depression and was also an awareness color against bullying. Depression and Bullying were unfortunately also parts of my life and an occasion for me to write more around the Blue color.

The third secret I wanted to share with you is a long life dream that I always fed in my heart, which I wish to realize before I die and for which I would like to help and inspire other people to that same journey once in their lives: Retracing all my origins, not only from my recent ancestors, but also since humanity appeared from the very first time on Earth. I know it really sounds ambitious, but when there is a will, there is a way. It’s important that each human being makes this journey within his or her origins in her life to be able to rediscover oneself, to keep on cultivating the positiveness of this inheritance in all aspects and to correct the negativeness of that same inheritance at the same time, at the example of Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar in their movie Action Replayy. This ancestral research of my origins won’t only limitate themselves on the blood and biological lineage though. Through some deeper researches that I did, I noticed that family history wouldn’t be only to retrace a human’s origins, but also to retrace all a family history when it comes on medical disorders (health, cardiovascular, mental disorder, etc.) or family disorders (divorces, separations, violence, absence of communication, etc.) In my family’s case I feel that it’s important for me to do that journey since I come myself from a very complicated and unstable family environment. And as long as I will do that journey, I would like also to bring my personal assistance and help to anyone who would be interested to do the same procedure, since I believe this kind of journey could be therapeutic for anyone to better find solutions to cure those family diseases and restore the best inheritance from their ancestors.

Three separate sub-blogs will be dedicated to them on Blogspot hereunder:

To access the first Unicorn Secret, which is my support for the LGBT World, including my fight against Homophobia, Misogyny, Misandry, Homicide and Femicide, click the Rainbow Picture Below:

Rainbow Without Gender
Rainbow Without Gender

To access the second Unicorn Secret about the Blue Color, click the Youth Picture Below:

Blue is my Life Meaning
Blue is my Life Meaning

Finally, to access the third Unicorn Secret about my Journey to my Ancestry, click the tree picture below:

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Connecting with my Ancestry