Book Reviewing: A new challenge for me


 The idea of creating this blog emerged since last year, when I still had a Facebook account, which I finally deleted further to all a series of personal problems that I have been accumulating in my life and which forced me to delete Facebook permanently from my life and to live my life anew and afresh after a long but yet still incomplete period of recovery.

While I had that blog, I created on it a group, in which I invited a lot of people to adhere to that blog to post links of their freshly published books, so that I can review them, and this free of charge.

Unfortunately the project couldn’t go ahead immediately because of that period of recovery and silence, until I decided to create that blog which you will retrieve on top menu of my blog, entitled “Book Reviews

In that blog, I will propose pages about some interesting authors and bloggers I had the opportunity to meet via linkedin and Facebook and who remained some good friends even though I removed myself from those two social platforms.

I will also propose some constructive reviews, where I will elaborate the story via a synopsis and deep analysis of the characters, places, interesting themes mentioned, interesting scenarios, narrative points of view within the story framework, etc. After this, I will then give my personal opinion as a reviewer, with all the positive and negative points in the book, since I want to give something honest, though I am mostly sure to give mostly positive reviews.

I hope you will enjoy my work, though I admit I haven’t really advanced in it, and that all the authors on that blog will be satisfied of my work.