A few words about me


Behind the pseudonym of Ekasringa Avatar hides an island native woman who is myself, the creator and administrator of that blog.

I was born on 15th December 1980 in Moka, Mauritius, but since I got married in 2005, I have been living the experience of a true expatriate. It started in Madagascar, where my husband was already settled since year 2000 as a working expatriate. We have been living and working there together as husband and wife for more than 4 year and a half. Unfortunately, at the end of September 2009 we had to pack everything and go back to Mauritius, due to the insecure and dangerous situation caused by the 2009 socio-political crisis, which wildly shook and shattered the country and the people. It was a very tearful experience for me, since I loved my life in Madagascar despite the inconvenients caused by lack of freedom and lack of hygiene. But I was happy there and really felt at home.

A short comeback to my native country Mauritius

During the 3 years spent in Mauritius,  I gave birth to a little boy and could succeed, together with my husband, purchasing our own house. We also re-adapted in our Mauritian living style and I had the opportunity to learn new things, such as house chores, cooking, being a mother and being a house owner. It was very difficult and painful, we had been facing huge family pressure, but we did it.

New life opportunity: The Seychelles

But one day, since my husband’s company in Mauritius was facing some financial difficulties, my husband started looking for other job opportunities elsewhere and succeeded into having one in the Seychelles.

We packed all our stuffs to that paradise island with the help of my in-laws who helped us in our settlement there for our personal stuffs and new habits to adapt regarding our young son as well. We have been spending 3 years and a half in the Seychelles, where my husband worked for the account of the local airline company, whereas our son started very difficult and hectic experiences at school in September 2014. It was an experience which completely contrasted with what he was taught at home, and which was very stressful and painful for him, at such a level that he was very often absent from school as he very often fell sick. But with time and perseverance, our son could adapt easily in the school environment and started slowly socializing and making friends, at least in the school environment. He also started learning new things and to take the habit to achieve his homework at home. But the Seychelles experience wasn’t pleasant for me. I was all the time overcrowded with my in-laws who were coming too often and who were even invading us, especially my father-in-law. I know that I shouldn’t have said such a thing, since despite all, they were of great help for us for our settlement in Seychelles, for dropping my husband to work and transporting our son during his school days, for cooking food and doing some repairs in the house. But in another hand, there arrived a time where there was a lot of abuse from them, and we didn’t have enough time for our little family. Moreover, we had a lot of issues with our narrow-minded landlords, who were very difficult and impossible people, at the exception of the last one who was a very nice lady.
The Middle East Dream
After those 3 years and a half, my husband got a confirmation for a job for which he applied in Abu Dhabi, which we visited so many times and which we considered as our hearty homeland. But the only inconvenient we had to face before having everything finalised there was to find a school for our son. After so many comings and goings, after so many correspondences and tries, we finally succeeded into having an American Curriculum school for him, where he would be welcomed in January 2017. Meanwhile, he temporarily continued his scholarship in Seychelles during the whole first trimester, which he could complete before the end of year Holidays. During his scholarship though, my husband had to move to Abu in the middle of November since his company was requesting him urgently. While he was there, I had to stay for 3 weeks in Seychelles with my in-laws to pack everything and to allow our son completing his scholarship, as there were 3 more weeks for him to go, and as this deadline would allow my husband having all our papers and administrative procedures completed to allow us entering the UAE territory as permanent residents. It was very hard to live away from my husband and to bear the tense atmosphere caused mostly by my bad-tempered father-in-law, but I knew I had no other option since neither my son nor myself did have the right to enter the UAE territory as long as nothing was yet confirmed nor finalised. But after so much painful patience, all went on well, my in-laws went back to their native Mauritius and off we flied to a new life awaiting us in Abu Dhabi. The beginnings were very difficult, especially for accomodation, but our son, despite a difficult first contact with his new friends, adapted very easily in his new school environment and made new friends. We also could find a place to stay in a lovely residential area after having spent some temporary moments in a flat near my husband’s workplace, and we are slowly but surely having our prints in the country with some nice neighbors and friends, but for which we remain very selective since we are new here.
As I am still unemployed, my routine lays between my house chores, my child’s welfare and education, my cooking and the time I am desperately trying to find to do my dream career: Being a freelance blogger and writer.
I also had the opportunity to travel in several destinations since I moved from Mauritius, and even before marrying my husband, including:
– France (Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Blois, Tours and Mont St Michel)
– Germany (Klein)
– Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
– Singapore
– Reunion Island (St-Denis)
– Madagascar (Antananarivo, Majunga, Toamasina, Antsirabe, Ampefy and Andasibe)
– United Kingdom (London)
– South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Soweto)
– Seychelles (Mahe, Praslin and La Digue Island)
– United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai)
– India (Mumbai)

– Canada (Montreal – Quebec)

Quick flashback on my academical and professional skills

I have completed all my primary and secondary school years in French Scholar Establishment in Mauritius, in partnership with the Alliance Francaise of Mauritius, and obtained my Baccalaureate in Tertiary Sciences and Technologies, option Account and Management in 2000 with the Academy of Reunion Island. Then I followed a professional full-time course for a period of 2 years in a Training Centre linked with the Academy of Reunion Island, after which I obtained my Technical Degree as Management Assistant for Small and Medium Enterprises and Industries in July 2002. I also followed a few extra-courses after my graduation in Secretarial Studies and Typwriting sessions at Level 1 in a private Secretarial traininc centre, some grooming courses in another private training centre. I had the opportunity working for one year in a state insurance company from December 2004 to December 2005 and resigned since I would get married and settled in Madagascar in February 2005 just after marriage. During my stay in Madagascar I had mostly been working for the account of a freight and transit company in Antananarivo as Logistics Assistant linked with the Joint General Manager from October 2005 till April 2008, then resigned for personal matters for a couple of months during which I remained unemployed, after which I came back for 3 months in part time to replace an ex-colleague who was on maternity leave, in her functions as Freight Forwarding and Administrative Agent, from October to December 2008. Finally, I had the opportunity to work as Administrative Assistant from home for the account of a small business settled by a couple of friends of ours, and who was acting as a subcontractor for a multinational company settled in Madagascar.

Rediscovering my passion for writing and discovering Ekasringa

Despite a short and average academical and professional experience, I don’t have any regrets and take that average success with a lot of philosophy since I took that long break to make up my mind about what I would really love to do. I re-discovered then an old passion which I started developing when I was 7 years old, but which I had been putting in brackets for a very long period due to my studies and the numerous changes and challenges which were awaiting me after school and university, and which I am giving birth to again: WRITING.

I went on my writings, for a couple of time, in a very wrong way by choosing to write some personal stuffs of my life on it, and putting them public. It was not because of the fear that I would be attacked or bullied, since I was aware of the risk that I was taking about publishing my personal stuffs publicly, and the risks I was taking of facing hateful comments from narrow-minded people, menaces of death and even bullying. But further to some wise advices I received recently, I came to understand something very important regarding my blog: By writing my personal stuffs, even though I am doing it under anonymity, I am not only involving and exposing myself to danger, but I am also involving and exposing together with me the more than 10-year marriage life I have been living with my husband, my less than 10-year motherhood experience I have been experimenting so difficultly with our son, and my own place within the social real-life environment I am actually located. Also, even though it’s still something very hard to accept, I had to make a deep cleaning of my blog and put aside my personal life stuffs for a while. The aim I had behind it was to share those experiences with everybody and the lessons that were taught to me during those experiences, which I completely assumed for allowing me to write them and publish them publicly and shamelessly, even though they are extremely sensitive and harsh experiences that I did in life and which are, for most of them, very shocking. But the circumstances regarding my family and my social status did that I couldn’t allow myself doing such a thing. Also, I completely changed my blog and made of it a platform in which I would like to share with you a lot of interesting stuffs about several aspects of life which may interest my audience (travelling, science, history, lifestyle, parenting, education, religion, spirituality, paranormal, etc.). But I kept my other sub-blogs regarding book reviewing, short stories and books under preparation, since they are still under project. The book reviewing is something that I kept on promising since a long time to several of my writer contacts, but I retrieved myself stuck in so many unstable and insecure situations which didn’t allow me going ahead with that project. One of the things that also made me very sad was that, as I had a luggage of excess of 15 kilos with only some books I wanted to bring with me in my suitcase, I had to give away those books by donating them to some local people and to my son’s school library, and frankly speaking, I deeply regret having done that, since they were excellent books and since I know I will never retrieve them again 😦 Regarding the short stories, I haven’t written that much, but they are still in project since I also project to participate into some short story and essay competitions proposed to me and which would sound interesting. Finally, I still to project to develop the synopsis of the books featuring in my other sub-blog as well.

However, they aren’t the only sub-blogs that I have added, since there are other sub-blogs upcoming very soon, but which I am not publishing for the moment since they are still under meditation, but for which you can already have a clue about them in my Welcome note on my homepage.